What shoes go with a flapper dress? – Plus Size Flapper Dresses 5X

A pair of blue jeans? Or maybe with something a little more “hip”?

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To find out, we teamed up with three top designers to create some seriously sexy pair of shoes:

1. Stussy by Calvin Klein

(Image: Getty)

In a line made up entirely of one-of-a kind, stonewashed silhouettes, Calvin Klein stokes the lust of every woman with their signature stitched-on logo on the side.

And what’s more sexy than a logo on your foot? This one is sure to grab the attention and lust of any man out there, no matter their skin tone.

2. Prada by Tommy Hilfiger

Socially-conscious fashion brand Prada has created a whole new category when it comes to shoe inspiration. The Italian label’s all-new collection of shoes, called ‘Prada Chino’, features a modern interpretation of classic Prada chinos and a feminine touch that doesn’t detract from your impeccable look.

Plus, you can get your hands on the exclusive colourway available exclusively on Prada. Pair it with a dress (or a bikini) and you’ll be the envy of all your friends.

3. Prada by Zara

It’s really hard to go wrong with any style from Zara, which is not surprising since the fashion brand’s namesake was once a fashion model. So, what do you get to make your look stand out? Get your feet in some serious boots with the most luxurious pair of Prada flats, available exclusively at Zara. We promise it doesn’t get any cuter from here.

But what are your top picks when it comes to shoe inspiration? Let us know below.

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