What were the flappers trying to prove? – 1920’S Beaded Flapper Dress Uk

I have always felt we should go back to what made this country great: American innovation and free-enterprise capitalism. That’s what made America great. People who were born in this country can go to college and become a doctor and a lawyer. And that’s what American is all about. You’re going to create a company and create jobs in this country, right? We’re in trouble when we let people who’ve built businesses and communities who’ve made a profit come in and come in from abroad, especially at a time when we can’t put a guy to work right now.

We should stay focused on our country’s economy. We should put our focus on the fact that we’re the world’s top-ranked economic powers, not our own domestic business practices. And we should do what is right and right now.

There are a lot of Americans who are out of work. Millions of jobs have been lost — on top of that, the trade deals that have been made will cost us hundreds of thousands of American jobs, and we’re losing our manufacturing capacity. We’ve been told in Washington, in fact, by the folks running this administration, that we should open up our borders. “Let them in, but they’ve got to pay a decent wage. They’ve got to live down here somewhere. They’ve got to learn how to live here.” They haven’t learned how to live here, folks.

That was one of the first things they said as a party of government. And I’ve lived out my life and spent time in America. I’ve seen what happens through the free open trade agreements. People who have been brought in often don’t know how to live here — don’t know what’s happening. They’re in and out all the time. I do not want people to live down here.

The second thing we should do is take our focus off of Wall Street trading. But when we have too many financial people who have made a ton of money for getting bailed out and not a single one who paid a dime in taxes (we’re talking about corporations and the executives and top executives) — Wall Street got bailed out big, but not to pay any more taxes. I want people who are paying a decent wage to pay at least a little bit of taxes; not many people have that.

The third thing that we should do is we should come together — we should take our focus off of individual issues; we should focus on the economy as a whole. I

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