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A flapper is not only a woman with a bit of a flair on her. It is a lifestyle choice, a social experiment and now, in one city, it’s coming back as a trend.

The concept of flappers in America is often viewed as “femme fatale in a skirt”. The American women often have an unattainable body ideal, as their hair and clothing is dictated by an extreme range of popular culture.

One thing you may find unusual is the name that has emerged from this. The name is Flappers, derived from the Latin word flânde meaning “to dance”.

“I was a real flapper when I was a kid from St Louis, I still am today,” says Rachel Moore, an illustrator from Illinois.

“I was a ballet dancer too. In the US, you could always tell a ballerina from a ballet dancer.”

The name was coined after an exhibition in New York by an artist based in Illinois. A young woman came up and told her artist that she wanted to be a flapper.

“There was a huge public outcry,” says Moore. “In the US, that’s a very derogatory term for a woman. My artist explained that she just wanted to be a different gender or different age and not be a stereotype.”

“Everyone has different personalities, so it’s always going to be interesting. It’s not something necessarily defined by age. I think the flapper name will last.”

Moore says she never intended the name to be taken literally, and there’s some irony in the fact that the flapper name has been adopted as a slang phrase, especially among college children.

“Being a ballerina makes you a pretty ballerina on the dance floor.”

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