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How is it that in a time far removed from the events depicted on the movie screen, young women (and men) of the 1830’s were embracing the flapper dress, and dressing in it?


Where did the word “flapper” come from?


What part of the U.S.A. did the movie actually take place in, and where did it take place?


Who were the “Flatwoods Five”; are they an urban legend, or do they have any evidence of any of their assertions?


What about the original Flatwoods Five?


What were the “Flatwoods Five”?


What were the Flatwoods Five really selling, and how had the word “flapper” come to be associated with them?


What about the word flapper?


What about ‘flapjackets’?


What were the “Flatwoods Five”?


The National Football League announced on Friday (July 17) that the league had suspended all 16 of its players for a period of 1 week following allegations they deflated footballs in 2016.

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There was also a decision by the league office that all 16 players violated the league’s policy on substance abuse.

There were 12 players suspended on Sunday and one on Tuesday, three players each for their actions on Sunday and one each for Tuesday.

The Associated Press first reported the suspensions.

“We are the people,” the song goes, “of the people, together we are strong.”

Nowadays, it’s almost hard to imagine a time when, say, a group of New York City firefighters couldn’t easily find a band they felt close to. But as the union’s local organizing drive in the Bronx began to gather steam in the early 1990s, an entire city — and a bunch of local artists — got together in the Bronx’s East Harlem neighborhood to see what they could do. They set up a tiny, makeshift stage on some railroad tracks — and the results weren’t really pretty, but you have to hand it to the band, who were playing shows as a duo, playing in their own right, and making music in their own town.

“It’s something like the first rock-

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