How did the flapper changed women’s roles? – Antique Flapper Dress

They were liberated. We are a free and independent country, not an imposed society. Women have taken over the political sphere, but still men are the ones who are in charge. The social role of women is the same as men’s—have to look after their children, be strong, be dependable, be able to handle economic responsibilities. That’s why we are proud of the flappers and the other women working in the country in their fields. They are just an example of women’s role change.

What inspired you to choose the name of your band?

There are many different reasons. The name “Flappers” is a pun on the word flapper, or a slang from the English language. In Korea, there was a group of children who had become flappers, and they all ended up marrying each other, so they started calling themselves ‘Flappers’. That’s why the members also call themselves ‘Flappers’, but the name ‘Flappers’ also seems to be a nickname. We used those words when forming our names and when talking about this band, we also decided to use the word ‘flapper’.

What do you think of the current fashion?

At this point, the fashion is not really that different from a decade ago. Women wear jeans, jackets, and skirts, but there is no style or color. It is all just a bunch of clothes. I think women used to dress this way, but nowadays it looks like they are just wearing too many clothes.

Is there a reason why Korean women wear jeans?

It is quite simple. It’s all because of the low number of jobs and working hours; women are not allowed to work unless they are home with children. I remember, once a woman tried to leave home with a baby and she got caught because she was wearing jeans. She was fined, but she still had those jeans on her. She went to jail and we all cried together. If they were to make women wear more fashionably, I think they could do much better things for the economy in Korea.

Have you ever been to Korea?

Yes, I went to Korea. I’ve been to South Korea, but now it seems quite different from Japan, so it still hasn’t really changed very much. For a while, I was there for the very first time—the first time for me is still very difficult.

Are you a fan of the national soccer team?

I love American football

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