Whats a flapper in a toilet? – Red Flapper Dress Costume

A flapper can get a bad rep for being flackier than a fag, but the truth is, flappers are really great and if you love a fag and want to wear one, go for it, that’s really cool and cute. But you can’t have a flapper in the ladies toilet because women don’t like flappers in the ladies toilet.

So the best way to get some respect without getting too much flack is by being able to pass off the flapper without being caught. To help make this easier, here’s a few tips to help you pass a flapper without causing any problems.

Know the place

Before you come in, take a good look around the toilet. You’ll have to search in the bathrooms for your flapper as well. Make sure the stall you’re entering has the name of the girl or lady the Flapper is dressed in. Also, take note of the door. You can get a good look at your flapper as you go through the door. Keep your clothes on because it’s not a good idea to expose your clothing for a short period of time.

Remember, this is not the bathroom for a flapper! Keep your underwear on (but don’t worry, as you don’t have to strip naked for this to work). It’s a good idea to lock the door when you go into the toilet. Also, remember the stall you’re about to enter, remember which bathroom it is. It’s all about the name.

If you get the Flapper

After you’ve checked everything out, it’s always best to let it pass. Make sure you walk past the room, and get back to the restroom. Don’t take the Flapper, make sure the door is locked before exiting the restroom. Make sure you’re back outside before you leave the restroom, and the lock doesn’t get put back the moment you leave. You’ll probably have another chance to take that Flapper (it’s hard to get rid of!).

Remember your Flapper and get ready to move your act on.

This article was submitted to Flapper Week by Heather McLean.

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