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It is probably not Rita Hayworth, but it is very popular to be the most famous flapper when you are a boy. The most famous flapper in the whole world was American actress Mary Pickford. She was flamboyant and the most famous flapper in the world. But she had an unspoken rule. Any flapper who had a boyfriend – including the husband – had the right to tell him to go away. If you had a boyfriend who was a real man, you could tell him to stay away. If you had a boyfriend, you could go away. So Mary went away and started an affair with this guy called Charlie, who was a real man. Well, you go away. It was over in no time. They were married. It was very, very quick.

If you say, “What was happening then?” Everybody said, “Oh, well, they got married.” And I’m saying, “No, no, no,” because that was the idea, and Charlie always said, “Well if you didn’t do such-and-such, it was very likely that they were going to get married, and you would miss the ball.”

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So I started, I think, to say, “What I meant is that if the man was a real man, you had the right to tell him to go away.” And Mary Pickford said, “Well why don’t you do me an early wedding?” And we were all flicking away – there was always the ball, and there were balls at the time – “Do you mean that that happened?” It was like: “Oh, God, why, oh no! It’s really a scandal!” And everybody, including Charlie, kept on saying, “Well – why don’t you do it again?” And we all agreed with that. Oh, well, maybe this time! And then they said to us: “Well, why don’t you call up the minister about that?” So we were the people in the room with the ministers on the carpet saying, “Why don’t you do it again – let’s do it again!”

And we all said, “Well, why don’t you do it again – because now you’ve got a real man.” That was the way it was going to be: it wasn’t the only thing that was happening. So finally, I was like, “Why don’t we do it again?” And I said, “Well you want to do it again after all,”

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