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Diana Nunn, a 19-year-old from Michigan, and her sister, Mary, who is from Florida, started the business six months ago. They now sell hundreds of dresses.

“We thought our customers needed more support and encouragement in dressing their hair the way they want to,” Mary Nunn said in an email. “So, we began designing and creating our own clothing, accessories and make-up.”
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Mary Nunn says that for the past four months, she and Diana had been working on their clothing online. “They took their work on the internet and they put it together in the basement of a warehouse that we were renting,” she said.

Since June, the group has opened stores in Florida and Michigan, both communities where flappers are common.

Rescued from the ruins

A team of archaeologists have stumbled upon a mysterious, lost city – where people supposedly lived in what appears to be an ancient Roman settlement at the bottom of the Thames – after years of searching by a team of explorers.

Archaeologists have discovered a building on the banks of the river in the early medieval period that could be the ruins of the city of St. Stephen and St. Stephen’s Cripple, located about halfway between London and Cambridge, according to researchers from the University of Cambridge and the London School of Economics.

The researchers have found a series of building structures, including an unusual stone-built building and several structures with unusual features, including a large column, that all belong to a building that has not been seen since the 15th century, according to an analysis of the site by the University. It has been likened the “Holy Grail” of medieval archaeology. “It definitely raises the possibility that this is an early modern city,” said Dr. Richard Evans of the University of Cambridge, who was the lead author of the study published in the journal International Journal of Palaeoclimatology.

“The building is very complex, unlike anything we’ve ever seen. We’ve got columns that are about 4 feet (1.2 meters) high, they’re quite narrow, they’re made of stone, they’re very long. And we’ve got two levels of floors — we know two levels of floors are missing — and we’ve got more floor plans that we know haven’t been found previously. They could have been the floors of a church and the floors of an inn, even.”

The researchers excavated the site this summer after the

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