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What was the origin of the term flapper, flake or flapper girl?

The following were used in a letter to my mother by a flapper:

“I wish I were a flapper girl.” She paused. “But I’m quite sure I’m not, because I’ve never done it. In fact I was just born a maid.” “Really? Then why are you dressed like a flapper? And I’m just a maid.” “No, I never even heard of a real flapper,” she said, shaking her head. Her fingers closed on the handle of the flapper cane. I would say, “Excuse me,” and she would say, “I’d like to.” She’d be the only one in the whole room who still thought she was a maid. It’s amazing how little difference this little incident could have made. That day was the last they would make with us.

Why are “trouble men” a common name for flappers in Florida and other south-central states?

“Trouble men” have not been a common name in Florida since the late 19th century. Flapper girls had no trouble getting their jobs, although in 1868 the Legislature of Pinellas County authorized a new county name, “St. John’s County.” But the county was originally part of St. Johns County, which is now South Florida.

Why do so many people think that flappers dress for the men, while I know they wear their costumes to look at boys?

A few weeks ago I took part in a panel discussion sponsored by “The Miami Herald.” I had to go to the “Herald” with an old costume I bought from the school book of 1872. I did look at boys, but not flappers of those days — I couldn’t possibly. Flappers now are known as “trouble men,” and in South Florida that term implies a lot more than simply showing up at the wrong place at the wrong time. So “trouble men” are usually men who act out in inappropriate ways. It’s often an old man with a cane and his wife and children who are the trouble men. It’s hard to imagine those old-time flappers being so careless with their clothing.

What’s a flapper’s secret?

Some flappers learn the trade by reading a magazine or reading “The American Beauty magazine. It says something about the “perfect flapper”

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