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With the NFL season officially in the books, it feels like the entire fan base has decided who is going to be the best to coach in the league for 2016.

NFL Network’s Gregg Rosenthal, who has consistently made the decision after the last few weeks, is out with a bombshell report that Seahawks quarterbacks coach Tom Cable is moving away for the Cleveland Browns, where he’ll be replaced by Browns wide receivers coach Kevin O’Connell.

The report comes down right after the Bengals beat the Ravens in the Bengals playoff matchup. And this may just be the beginning of the news surrounding the Browns.

What is the future of Browns QB Robert Griffin III and his new organization? Will a coach’s departure affect RG3 and Cleveland’s QB situation?

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The idea that the UK’s largest banks offer better risk and capital protection than smaller competitors is a myth, a prominent professor has suggested.
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The claim that the big five banks in total are protected from risks is a key factor that makes them so attractive and profitable, according to Professor Tom Walker, a UK economist.

The belief stems in part from the sheer size of the financial industry, which is often perceived to offer better quality products than smaller competitors in particular products, like insurance.

However, the professor says the claim is inaccurate because the banks themselves are too big to offer the same level of protection to any single consumer.

“It’s not a myth; it should be a fact,” he said, according to The Telegraph.

According to The Telegraph, Professor Walker says small banks offer greater exposure to risks and often fail to get the right level or even the right treatment from the regulators.

The financial industry as a whole is a bigger target as the potential losses for some of their largest companies are significant, he said.

According to Professor Walker, the bigger banks could be more protected because the bigger the business the more they can protect themselves from claims that it can’t manage itself properly.

“You don’t just have an industry of five banks or more,” he said. “You have a banking industry of more than 250.”

While it may be true that larger and more successful banks are

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