Why is it called a flapper dress? – 20S Flapper Dress Transparent Dressings On Wounds

It has a lace bodyband with a short bodice skirt. It has two rows of pockets on the inside. It has a very flattering shape so that it is very comfortable to wear.

Are the flapper dresses sold online?

We are unable to carry them due to customs restrictions in China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan. If you have any further questions on ordering a flapper dress please email us at

What is the design on the dress?

The design of the dresses is inspired by an old Chinese folk tale about a young girl with a white bird and a fluttery dress. The flapper dress is a traditional wedding dress of Chinese origin, with a unique design, which are all hand-made and handcrafted in Hong Kong.

Do you have any size options?

All dresses are measured in bust and waist. We recommend the measurements in which each bust has the smallest cup size.

Do you have any returns & exchanges?

We highly recommend you do not return an item due to damage, flaws, or alterations, even if it is because of a manufacturing error. We will try our best to replace a dress or accessories which we have marked as used. However if we cannot receive a replacement or alterations when we request the dress or accessories, we will not accept your return or exchanges.

How long does your sale last?

Items that are sold on our shop are made to order and may take time to ship.

How do I pay for my order?

We accept payment by Australian bank transfers, Visa Debit, Visa Check / Maestro, Master Card, American Express and PayPal (or through our website).

I am over 18, can I have my orders made for me?

Yes! All customers are over 18 when purchasing from us; however there are times when only parents of children are able to order. Please email for any further questions.

Black Fringe Flapper Dress - Tassel Dress - 1920s

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