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When you first put the kit together, it comes in a wooden block package, with foam board backing. You put the battery in one of the gaps. Place the block to form the battery cover over the inside of the block. Then you can add more foam board as required. You can also put in more foam if you choose to use the 3/4″ foam backing.

The cardboard cover is meant to protect the battery.

What is that? Do I need help?!

This kit contains all the components needed to make your first lithium polymer battery.

When you’ve assembled the parts and connected the battery to your charger/power brick, you can use it to power anything you wish.

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You can also recharge the battery in an emergency situation.

How do I test it?

The kit comes with one battery and a charger. That’s it.

How long will it last?

LiPo batteries are designed to last for decades. You should use them daily or on your most important things.

The battery is designed for travel use, so take it with you when you go to a destination.

Do I get charge when you charge it?

When your battery is charged by your USB port, you should get a charge when you plug in your charger/power brick.

When you plug in your charger/power brick, the battery will get charged when it gets full (this can take up to half an hour, sometimes you can charge it very fast).

How much power do I need for my charger/power brick?

We provide 4 different charger / power brick outputs which should be able to provide enough power to charge your battery to the point where you can enjoy charging it with just your phone and charger.

To check your battery fully charged, press and hold the power button 4 times for 30 seconds then release the button. Please note that this will not charge your battery past full. (You could still use a USB cable or the USB port of your phone)

How many batteries can I use?

You can charge 3 batteries at same time, but each battery will take a bit longer to fully charge after each use.

Do I like batteries?

You like lithium polymer batteries ? Then this kit is for you.

If you’re thinking about ordering the kit, we need funds to print the components. We have enough budget to complete this kit for your convenience!


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