How can I stop my electricity from being shut off?

Turnoff the power or disconnect your electric meter on an uninterrupted period and wait 10 minutes before you go to sleep. Then, you can turn off the power and go to bed. The meter doesn’t need to be shut off every day. If you’re a day-shift worker, tell your office manager.

Can I cut down my electricity usage?

Most people cut their household electricity usage by 50% or more over 12 months. To do this, you’ll first need to find a way to cut your electrical use by less than you normally would. The best way to achieve this is to reduce the time you spend at home and on the job and make sure that you’re on an uninterrupted work schedule.

If you have a green card (Green Card) or an electricity supply card, it’s a good idea to cut down your electricity use by 500 kWh in a year.

If you are a working refugee or foreign national, your electric bill is subject to the following rules:

Your electric bill is based on the actual consumption of your household and therefore not the electricity consumed at work. This means you lose some cost savings if you reduce your household amount by 500 kWh. However, you can calculate your household electricity cost in the Electricity Cost Calculator on our website, and save money when you compare your prices with other retailers or buy from a supplier that is more energy efficient.

What type of fuel costs do they give me?

Electricity has a price according to the electricity supply, with electricity cost varying by the network:

You may see a different price depending on how you’re connected to the national electricity grid:

If your energy consumption is greater by a certain amount, you get different tariffs depending on the local rate.

These are the price rates that you might find in your home country or on the internet:

To find out what cost you pay, click on our Electricity Cost Calculator.

How do I know exactly how much electricity I’ve used?

You should always use your meter by the set amount if possible. Your meter should never leave the meter when you work at home. Even though a meter may be switched off, keep an eye out for a ‘turn off’ message on your meter. If you notice one then turn on your meter. The rate will be calculated from the nearest exchange rate (which is usually the exchange rate of the day before the meter was switched off in your home country).

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