Is free electricity possible? – Advantages Of Free Energy Generator

We do have a good system of energy distribution in Ireland, and a good system of energy infrastructure in Ireland. It’s about the same in all of these countries, except in Scotland. It’s a much, much further step to go to say that electricity, that energy must be produced, you must have it and it has to pass through those energy infrastructure in Ireland as well as Scotland.
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That’s very important and very much like the kind of energy technology that we now use in Australia in the sense that we now have a large solar power station there, and it doesn’t consume very much in terms of the electricity that it produces but it does consume electricity in the same way. So you can understand that and think about that, and that is why you need a regulated energy system, because you need to deal with all the risks and you need to be able to be able to respond to everything that comes at us. This goes to the heart of what the question really is.

What’s your sense of the EU, and in particular the European Commission?

I have to repeat that I am not an official member of any political party here in Scotland and I am not a member of any political party in Brussels at all. I know a great deal in terms of what the issues and the political realities really are here in Scotland and Scotland as a member of the EU. You might have heard me say a bit of something about this earlier which is that for me it’s an incredibly important issue to understand: the European Union. The EU – as a very small part of the British Commonwealth – is an enormous economic and political success, as you know. We have a great relationship here with Europe in terms of its economic success with the UK, and Scotland as a small part of the UK is an absolutely integral part of that success, and it’s not so much just about political union but very much about our economic success with the EU. The thing that is very, very important for Scotland is that it is on the front line, very much as a small part of the UK, in terms of trying to create in Europe this political union of people that we have in our own country and also a European union for us which is very successful. I’m very, very impressed with the work that the commissioner, and the commission, is doing with the EU and we’re going to do more and more and that’s why it’s such a big issue to us here.

One example, that I think illustrates that very well

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