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Tesla and Tesla coils

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Tesla was never very interested in energy technology from a physics perspective, at least not for the longest time. The very first Tesla Coil he produced (and this became the basis of his commercial success) used magnets, to which was attached a wire. This coil was then hooked up to the main generator in order to generate electricity. This coil was then connected to a relay which operated a generator which turned on the magnet. It is said that Tesla’s first coil, and first commercial success, was when he built three Tesla Coils – the largest one at the back of the room and at the front two coils. Tesla Coil 1 (top) was a 12 Volt (24 Amp) power supply unit, Tesla Coil 2 (second from the front) a 12 Volt (24 Amp) generator and Tesla Coil 3 (third from the front) a 12 volt power supply. Tesla’s first Tesla Coils were used to create a small but very interesting phenomenon. Tesla believed that the world is governed by energy and the universe is composed of an intelligent energy field which controls everything around us. The Universe is a massive field of energy and it is this field that allows us all to be here. This field is the ultimate form of energy – called “Free Energy” – which can be seen everywhere in the material world. This Free Energy is generated by electricity and is the reason we do not need to use fossil fuels since we can use the power of Free Energy for everything we need without any of the energy costs we can incur by our current fossil fuels. Tesla believed that by building up a small amount of Free Energy through the use of his Tesla Coils he could create a form of Free Energy that would be very efficient in providing us with energy. It was his theory that this Free Energy could be stored on a small number of coils or in large battery packs and be used for many purposes. Tesla claimed that by having one Tesla Coil he had control over everything in the Universe. He believed that by having a small number of coils he could control all the mass, mass movements, energy flows, temperatures, winds and the movement of objects in the material world. The only known way to avoid this Free Energy was by having a large number of Tesla Coils. Tesla considered himself the ‘god’ of electricity and with his ‘Gods’ Tesla and Maxwell he could do anything that he wanted. In one of his famous papers he writes “The power of electricity has been the most powerful force that has ever been developed by man.” He

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