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The energy in a free energy state is the product of the velocity of light and the total energy of the system in a unit of time, measured in years. That energy is in units of mass x time (which you can understand as units of time). The total energy in a free energy state is the ratio of the velocity of light to the total energy in that state. So your velocity of light times the total energy in a free energy state is the energy in the light that travels with you.

You are not getting free energy for nothing, if you travel with us and experience the light speed and the total energy in the whole universe at the speed of light.

The first important note in understanding how Einstein’s free energy works is that he is assuming that light is not massless, therefore light can have mass. Einstein also assumes that the universe is not made of massless particles, but he was quite aware of the fact that the laws of physics apply equally to matter at all distances, he was well aware that matter is not massless.

So how does light have mass? It does not, the universe does not, light is just a light wave. Einstein was aware that any wave can be a particle, in this case his light is just the light of the universe with the wave properties, just like any wave can be anything at all. So the light has mass.

So when you say that light has mass when it interacts with a mass you actually say it has mass in the same way that you say a sound has weight. Light does not have mass.

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So light does not have mass in a vacuum, because photons have weight. If your photons are not massless, then they don’t interact with any mass in the surrounding space and time. The photons interact only if they collide with something. That means anything that is able to collide with them, such as an atom.

The atoms that are around us do not have free energy. They can get the energy without interacting with anything, therefore they have little to no mass. They all interact at low energies and have little, small, amounts of free energy.

So all the other atoms that you interact with from energy, you will see they have little to no free energy. Light will have little to no mass when it interactions with matter. It can not become bigger.

The light can only get bigger when its speed is faster than the speed of light. The speed of light is not the same as the speed of

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