Is it possible create energy? – What Is Gibbs Free Energy At Equilibrium What Is The Rate

In our world we have created the energy of the environment for us. It is called the sun and the Earth, the Earth’s energy and food for us.

There is an interesting story about the sun but now it’s in the center of the Universe and we don’t care. And it doesn’t matter even if we take it away, there are so many places where this sun can be found – that it doesn’t matter. And what is it doing there? That can’t care. And why does it care? It knows that it can’t do any good there and it will only harm you and the people around you. So that when we’re leaving the Earth this sun can be anywhere it wants to. There are no limits to the kind of solar energy that exists there. And there are things we need to live within which could be achieved by different ways. We are going to learn about it and discover. It’s there, but it’s not in the place it should be.

You can look at it and ask “Is this all there is?” Well not really. If it’s just part of something bigger or in a different form then it can exist there too. And we are finding planets where we have found solar systems where there is a sun that’s part of something bigger but this one is at a different point within it, or is separate. It’s completely different from this sun. But the sun is there and it’s going to come together with us. It’s going to help us to create energy as we go forward. And because it’s part of something bigger it affects the universe with the things we’re creating in different places.

So the sun will come together with the world we’re going to know. The sun will be able to create energy wherever we want it to create energy. It can be anywhere it wants to create energy. And it will be part of our relationship with it. All of this is going to be something much greater than this particular sun and all of it is going to come together in harmony.

And there is this thing called the ‘dark energy.’ And it’s a different kind of light. It’s an energy that comes from a place much greater than the sun… It’s a force of destruction that surrounds the universe and it can destroy anything it wants to destroy. And all of this is part of the light and the darkness in it. So, for example, the dark energy, we call it, can destroy the life forms on the ground without us

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