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Where to begin? I know I’m late, but let’s start with a simple question: Is any object heavier than a proton? The answer: of course not. (The force of gravity between a proton and a neutron is only one-tenth that of attraction between photons.) That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t believe in the possibility of strange objects with weird properties—as science writer Paul Davies pointed out in a recent New Yorker article, for example, Einstein’s general theory of relativity doesn’t actually explain why some particles appear to travel faster-than-light signals in the late 19th century. Or we should just assume that all our experiences—the world as we know it and the world as I see it—are just as false and random as the world as I perceive it.

But maybe we need to question our assumption that we know exactly what makes a photon a photon even if we don’t, and that we simply rely on our intuitive sense of what is “real.” This is certainly what James Randi, a former magician and self-appointed public authority on evidence, and many other skeptical researchers have argued. “I’m not looking for a perfect answer, but to be honest, I think there is very little doubt that there is some extraordinary nature to every single aspect of the universe,” he told me. “As far as we can tell, all the laws of natural law, including gravity, physics, and the structure of the universe (we don’t know what the structure is, but that’s the main thing) are made using some kind of energy that can be explained by fundamental effects of nature.”

To get a better sense of what quantum theory might reveal about the universe’s complexity we actually have to consider a much larger class of objects and phenomena, including atoms and living organisms. While there are no currently known laws about atomic physics that will directly explain these phenomena, or describe the structure of our atoms as they are at the quantum level, there are plenty of basic principles to which we and other observers should aspire to apply. In the spirit of Randi’s principle of parsimony (which suggests that if you consider a given thing as a collection of elementary operations on that thing rather than as a precise description of something), let’s briefly consider some of these concepts in more detail.

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