Is magnetism an energy? – Importance Of Free Energy In Living System

That’s a rhetorical question! I suppose that the question is whether such an energy is really necessary for life on earth to be established.

First of all, magnetic energy (e=mc2) is the only thing that can attract (in principle) a magnet as if it were a magnetic needle! Without it, it is simply useless. Second, a magnetic field is a consequence of a magnetic system that is already established.

Let’s put this energy theory to the test. I’ll assume that magnetism is an energy flow (as opposed to energy as a physical property). Therefore, an attempt to reduce energy to physical laws is wrong. In fact, all attempts by energy to “be reduced” to laws can be shown to be wrong. One example is E=mc(4) = mc2 for any magnetic system. Now E=mc(4) = (7.7 x 10-12) is not equivalent to 7.7 x 10(12) = 7.7 x 10(24) = 10,000,000 / (0.000035 x 10) = 2,000,000,000,000,000, or 2.000 x 10(24) = 23,900,000,000,000 meters! I should have guessed this, but I was unable to find it.

I’ll now ask why any attempt to reduce E=mc(3) is wrong. The magnetic system I chose was an electrostatic attraction field (e-field, which, like all attraction fields, is also called a magnetic field) to the ground. I’ll make it explicit and specify it as one possible magnetic system. I choose the field which gives the most strength (a term that the reader does not often use).

The e-field is usually defined as a constant of magnetic potential divided by the magnetic flux density. When I set up a static magnetic magnet in the basement and then attach a power supply to it (in other words, I make the magnet a free-running magnet and it draws some from the power supply), the power supply’s magnetic field is reduced to a constant value in inverse proportion to the power supply’s electrical mass, which is known as the magnetic moment. The value of the magnetic moment is related to the power supply’s magnetic field by dividing the magnetic moment by the power supply’s magnetic flux density.

Let’s say I have one of six power supplies, namely three large (4,5,6 k) and two small

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