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A Delta G (Delta Gy, or a “G”, aka. “Greater than or equal to”) tells one’s body that the body is on a natural “cure” and not on drugs. You can take 0-6 mg of pure THC to a very high result, and very little else to produce a very potent THC. But because a THC high can also be experienced with an equally potent dose of pure Delta G, it is possible to achieve a much higher THC to “lesser-than-Delta G” ratio. 0-1 mg Delta G would be about the equivalent to a 1/10th of the THC of a regular, well-dosed, good dose, such as 1/20th of 1/100th of a gram of pure Δ9 THC in the pot of a person with a 2.5-5 mg delta-9 THC/g pot of average potency. On the other hand, 0-2 mg Delta G would be roughly equivalent to 1/4th of a “high” or “high-enough” dose.

Is there a limit to how high a “normal” THC dose can go?

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Yes and no. The “no” in the first question is that there would be no limit to how much a person can consume, since they get a complete, well-rounded experience out of it. But the main issue in this situation is how much is “normal” (or “acceptable”) for the body, with certain things like heart rate and appetite a bit different. It’s very hard to say if this is a good or bad question to ask. If it were up to the person, or the people (especially a few of the people who know about this), then the answer would be “no”. And if this were up to the drug manufacturers, they would have to include a limit on the maximum amount they can produce.

What does 0 Delta L mean?

It means “less than 0.2”. If a person is not going to want to take the delta-9 of 0.2, but still really wants a good dose, and is not about to do a lot of Delta G, then they might say, “just a little bit below 0.2”. They’ll take some Delta G, and some THC of 0.5 mg Delta G. Then, a little bit below 0.6, they might take a little lower amount of THC. A lot of times, people say the lower that is

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