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In case you don’t have $250,000 burning a hole in your pocket, there is no way you can run a small power generator at home. The reason you could do this however is to create your own wind turbine. You can do this with the use a pair of standard 110V AC outlets and a 12 volt battery.

Here are the steps of how to do it. The steps are simple but the effort you will put into it depends on the power output of your system. In this video I show you exactly how to do it.

Step 1. Install the AC outlet

First we need to install the AC outlet at the top of the home and set it up to accept only AC current. Then we can create a small wind turbine. I use my AC 12V battery to generate the required power and feed it directly into the AC outlet. It works, but then you have to power the turbine with your 12V battery.

Step 2. Connect your 12V battery to transformers and power transformers with an external electric outlet

If you do not have a 12V battery, you can install a 12V battery and use the battery to power your system. A 12V battery can be purchased in any type or style and is used as a power source as seen in this video.

Step 3. Run the generator with the 12V battery

The 12V battery is used not only to power the main breaker but also to run the generator. It can also be connected as a secondary battery and power the main breaker at the moment an emergency situation arises.


Most 12V batteries are designed to be used with AC outlet. If not, we can add a DC outlet inside the wall to enable a transformer to be connected to the 12V battery. Or we can use our 12V battery directly as an external battery.

How to Connect 12V to 12V Batteries

Plug the 12V battery into the outlet it came in. Make sure it has an AC line or an additional outlet in case there are no AC cords. Then connect to the 3.3V source in a 12 volt circuit, plug the 3.3V into a transformer and connect a 3.3V or 6V DC line into the battery. Plug 6V into the 6V DC line. Once the power is connected, the battery is connected to the 6V. A very handy function that can be used in different circumstances to ensure complete safety

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