What is free energy device?

It is a gadget that helps you to generate clean, energy-rich and free energy. It consists of a power generator, a battery, a regulator, a receiver and a relay.

Power generator is a device powered by your mobile phone that can be used only on the mobile phone network. A battery and a charger are required to operate this device.

It has a range of over 10 km (almost 3 mi). It is made of a lithium cobalt oxide battery (not cheap) and a LiFePO 4 battery (very expensive), whose capacity varies across the world.

It can be used to charge your phone by connecting it to a power source (such as a solar panel or solar dock) with a charging circuit. It can also be used for solar powered devices.

The power generator uses an external high voltage circuit and an electrical output to convert electrical power into free energy. It consists of a generator, a driver and an antenna to convert electrical power from the mobile phone network into free energy (or vice versa).

How it works?

The power generator is charged by your mobile phone’s battery. When you call the energy generator, it makes a charge (converts the phone’s electrical charges into free energy). The free energy is released in the form of radiant heat (from the transmitter), which radiates as radiant heat. This heat is sufficient to cause the transmission of electricity.

Some of the free energy generated is transformed into clean light or heat. Other free energy may be transformed into usable electricity for your gadgets and devices.

How long does it operate?

The power generator is designed in such a way you only need to charge it for 90 minutes (i.e., once per 24 hours). It is designed in such a way that you only need to charge it 10 minutes every 20 hours.

How is it powered?

It can be used only when the mobile phone network is available to use or your local wireless network is available. It is not designed to be used alone.

It also is not designed for use without the mobile phone network and the satellite. The power generator will not work even if it only gets a signal from a specific satellite in the sky.

It is important to make sure that the frequency of all mobile phone networks is compatible or at least close.

How is it installed?

It is a simple installation. First, make sure that you have enough free energy in the system, which