What was the IQ of Tesla? – Nikola Tesla Free Energy Machine

What was the “IQ” of Einstein?

What was the “IQ” of the “Greatest Physicist” of all time?

What was the “IQ” of the “Greatest Composer (Performer), of all time?”

Is there some “IQ” of a person, that is not related to any measurable “IQ”?

Let’s start with the question: Is there some “IQ” of a person that is not related to any measurable “IQ”? To answer this question, we have two parts.

1. What is your “IQ”?

Let’s start with your “IQ”. This is a measure of cognitive functioning, i.e. intelligence, which is the ability to answer questions, learn, solve problems, and think critically.

Intelligence is often measured using a questionnaire in an IQ test. However, in general, IQ tests are not valid ways of evaluating “IQ.”

The IQs of famous physicists like Maxwell, Rutherford, Einstein, Heisenberg, and Von Neumann, have a significant correlation with the scientific articles and books they wrote about quantum mechanics, relativity, and the development of the electromagnetic field, and much more.

According to the above, if you were to have a “top IQ,” you would be more successful today than a less-accomplished genius of the 19th century when I was born.

Why is an IQ so important?

Your IQ is more useful in business and for job search

Why is an IQ so important in business?

If you are looking for a job in a particular field, your job search may look different depending on your “IQ,” because your “IQ” might be different than the one of the people around you.

2. What “IQ” of Einstein is he considered “IQ”?

Let’s go back to Einstein’s research in the physics of light and the development of relativistic principles that led to the discovery.

Is there any proof of Einstein’s “IQ?”

The above quotation from the biography of Einstein indicates that his “IQ” was close to 20.

But what actually is Einstein’s “IQ?”

This question can provide clues to some important “IQ” measurements of physicists and mathematicians, such as those that are made in IQ test. But, Einstein’s “IQ” in itself cannot be used to rank scientists, because the “IQ” of people is not related

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