What would happen if energy was free?

This is, of course, a problem. But it is also very important to not say that one’s actions are in no respect “free” (which is precisely the idea of “Free Will”), because “free” implies some kind of “agency,” and we’ve already established that agency is limited in our everyday awareness of how it actually works.

Now that we have those two fundamental concepts nailed down, we can start to explain how to get a lot more out of our “free energy” energy.

How to use your Free Energy Energy

This is a pretty cool concept!

If we really use our mental energy to think about “Free Energy,” things will go really well!

Here is an example where we are given the choice between different options: a free energy to travel the world and a money-based one to work on research that can make us more powerful, faster, smarter, and therefore more valuable.

We can both go for “Money-Based” – we have our own money – and we can both get “Free Energy” by just thinking about them!

The key is that what we can think to think about “Free Energy” actually helps us to think about this problem of free will.

Think about it! What “Free Energy” is all about.

Think about it! What “Free Energy” is all about.

Now we are ready to explain how to use mental energy to improve our “free energy.”

How to use mental energy to Improve Your “Free Energy” Energy
Reaction quotient and Gibbs free energy at the start of a reaction ...

Step 1: Try to focus on “Free Energy”

When we choose a “Money-Based” option that we would like to use for our “free energy,” there is a big chance that our mind will focus on another thought, one that would actually be counterproductive for our “Free Energy” energy.

So now you are in a really interesting situation!

For example, if (and there is no way of knowing this for sure) you are a big nerd and have studied math for years, then you will probably be like “This is very useless stuff, and I will just think about the numbers! Money is useless, and I’ll just forget about the math!”

Or, for that matter, if you’ve studied Psychology for years and have studied how the brain operates, you will probably be like “This is even more useless information, and I shall just focus on learning new topics.”

Here is