Who created free energy?

It was a man by the name of Nikola Tesla.

This is a man that the New Age world wants to keep secret.

He was one of the greatest and most advanced scientists.

He invented the electric motor, the lightbulb, the induction motor, the electric vehicle, the electric guitar, the phonograph, the motion picture camera, but he also invented the radio and the telephone,

his work was the foundation for the modern age,

Tesla created free energy technology.

If you read his books about his achievements and his discoveries, you will find it quite exciting.

He used Tesla’s work to revolutionize society,

the technology that he invented can be seen in the new iPhones and the smartphones,

if this is the best that humanity can make,

and if our energy is the most important innovation and we don’t use it the best,

then it’s very possible that all of humanity will be destroyed.

There is a time when you have to accept that you are nothing,

and you have to accept that what you have is not good enough.

You can only get better with what you have.

So what is free energy?

It’s a technology that makes you stronger.
Introduction to Statistical Thermodynamics of Soft and Biological ...

If we harness the positive energies of the universe,

it will enhance every single aspect of our lives.

By harnessing the negative energies of the universe,

it will destroy every single facet of our lives.

It is that simple.

But how would that be possible?

Well, let me try to explain with a story.

There really was a time when humans were not the most amazing beings on earth.

You know, we are not the smartest humans on the planet.

As you already know, we are a human species,

and as a human species,

we have to accept that we are not perfect at everything.

But, most importantly, we do believe in the greatness of humans.

We don’t believe that every single human can be an absolute genius or an absolute genius.

We know this is a pretty ridiculous idea. But, it’s what we believe.

Our greatest strength is our stupidity.

If people knew how amazing we are, if we believe we are the best, there would be a revolution.

And, if we believed that we are this great