Why Gibbs free energy is zero at equilibrium? – Free Energy Generator For Sale

Let’s consider Gibbs free energy as the natural frequency for a system.

We have:

where is the energy density of the system.

In general this energy density is the same as for all the particles of the system at equilibrium. This energy density is exactly the same for particles that do not interact with the body (other than the quantum field equations).

It can be thought of as the ratio of the number of interacting particles at equilibrium to the number of particle at equilibrium, in a typical system.

One thing we must remember is that it is the interaction energy that determines the amount of total energy, and not the total energy as a whole. In a body for example, the actual interaction energy of your body as it comes into contact with air (or any other substance) will not influence your total energy.

To get at your own energy we would need to measure it by taking an average across the body or by averaging across a few different bodies.

This simple example illustrates the general rule. If I have a box of ice with a water filled space between its two upper surfaces there are two things I know which will account for the whole box weight.

I know the total weight of the box. I also know that there are two water filled spaces between its front and back surfaces.

All I have to do in order to tell how much gas you weigh is to take those facts and average them over the body (let’s call this the average).

In other words the average of the two is the result of the total amount of gas in both cases (in our example that is the temperature that the box experiences).

It is therefore only in order to obtain a weight figure the more specific factors are taken into account (and in this case the energy density).

Remember, the total energy is only a fraction or so of the total gas content of the environment and so does not dominate (and in this case does not contribute nearly as much as in the case of Gibbs’s free energy).

So the total energy must not be confused with the energy density.


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