Why is free energy Impossible? – Energy Rich Compounds

1. The Sun has no Heat

2. The Earth and Sun are made of the same stuff

3. In the Sun, the same particles are burning

4. In the Earth, the same particles are melting

5. This is why light has to move around.

In other words you would need to have a source of heat to make free energy. This is why the sun (and stars) need to be spinning for there to be free energy there.

How would you have to make free energy?

First you would want to find out the density of the Solar System, if it’s not already known. If you know what this is you might be able to calculate some values. But again this is very difficult to calculate, there are thousands of factors. However one thing we do know is this: It seems that there are at least 8 planets in the Solar System, and maybe there’ll be an extra one. We do have some data on the size of the Sun and the planets, which give us a rough idea of their mass, density and orbit.

If we do have an initial estimate on this we can start looking into making free energy from these numbers:

We could try and look at the gravitational forces of the different planets to see how much energy is being generated by the particles orbiting them, we can find out how far from them they are or we can determine whether there is any mass out there other than the planet itself. This can be done using satellites, but that’s far from an exact science.

Then we could look at the amount of energy being produced per second as an estimate. This will give us some idea of the total amount available to our Solar System and the other 4 planets. But as I said there are other factors, including the mass of Earth, which are far too large to count on. But at least we have one data point that is accurate and it could be more accurate in the future. If you could find out more it would be great!

The Sun is made of a gas of particles called hydrogen and helium. The Sun burns up its hydrogen, forming helium. This is what gives us light. It is also burning up the other gas in its core. This is what gives we the Sun’s radiation. How many times each second does the whole Sun do this, which gives our Sun a total energy output of ~3.9 x 1022 J of heat, for a total energy of ~5

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