Why is free energy Impossible? – Free Energy Motor

The fundamental idea that free energy is impossible is wrong on several levels. Firstly, the problem is that there are several levels of energy, including free energy. Free energy is a form of heat energy. The same is true of free radicals.

So, for any experiment, you must choose a source of heat that you can observe at a particular point and take it to that location to see the result. This is a fairly simple experiment. However, it is much more complex than it seems from the above example.

For simplicity I am assuming that I have a solid sphere. The initial heat energy is always somewhere at the center of the sphere. If the heat energy can not be absorbed by the sphere, then it is not used. The experiment is therefore called “Absorption” the source of heat must be present at a single point, that is, there must be no source of heat that does not require absorption.

Now the point, or energy, that we would like to create is called the free energy. This can happen in a variety of ways. Some people say “Let’s heat the air around me” This is the same as “Let’s use the heat energy to cool the air by emitting heat”. Or “I want to use the energy to cool the air” This is the same as “I want to use the heat to heat the air”. But in these methods, there is always more than one source of heat that will generate a free energy.

All you need to do is choose at least two sources for the energy that is required to create a free energy. Then use a different source of energy for each one you want to create and see what happens.

But, how can one know which source of energy to use? Can you make a measurement of the energy, so that you know which source to use. The problem with this approach is that such an experiment cannot be done. The “free energy” can only be observed, and cannot be measured.

We can test for free energy by using a thermometer or other measuring device. If the temperature difference between the ground and the object being measured is small, then you can say that there is free energy. But as temperature increases, your device gives no indication of free energy.

So where did the term “Free energy” come from?

This is a tough one. I will try to break it down for you.

The idea that free energy is not an actual effect at the

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