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Yes, that’s the bottom line. This is not another one of those questions that sounds easy, either with a straight face or with a sharp tongue.

One good resource is the Guitar Institute, a website that goes about the hard business of teaching guitarists in a way that makes them more efficient. You can take a guitar journey from humble beginnings to a successful career, or you can just learn and do what you love.

I don’t want to take the easy route, though. I understand that some readers may be wary of the notion of learning the guitar just to “practice.” It’s perfectly fine if you want to practice while you get some rest and relax, or when you’re not on the road.

But it also has its benefits.

If you like going to work and studying your craft, the guitar is the perfect medium from where to learn. If you love to write about your music, or if you enjoy being creative and playing, learning is the natural extension of a career in music. It’s a skill that will make your days at the office or at the jam session a lot more interesting and rewarding.

In addition to the benefits it can have for you as a musician, learning to play the guitar can help you play better, too. You can add confidence to every note you play and learn to play the parts in your songs just a little better by learning the guitar.
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You don’t need a guitar teacher to do either one. You can find lots of useful videos on YouTube and learn what all the “techniques” and “punch lines” are and use them to get better at the guitar.

Learning to play the guitar won’t be as difficult and as time consuming as just learning the guitar, as my friends say — although it’s a little different. But the benefits don’t end there.

I’ve heard many stories of people who can’t play and don’t even want to because they are afraid of losing and hurting themselves or others. But if they’d practiced playing the guitar before, they’d have learned these skills, and it would be so much easier for them to perform and not hurt themselves in the process.

Learning the guitar is easy to do, but it’s also hard to do well. If you want to be really good at the guitar, you have to learn to love it and take it seriously — and you have to love making music just the way it sounds and how it interacts with the world around you

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