Can anyone learn to play the guitar? – Learn How To Play Guitar Free Online

It’s a little bit difficult to get your feet underneath you… so I think most people can learn it. But it’s very difficult for the novice.

My brother, Mike, taught me the guitar back in the day. I thought he was a nutter. But he taught me how to play it so that I could play on my own.

The most common guitar lesson I have for students:

One day a new kid says “I would like to learn how to play the guitar.” I say, “Do you know how to?” He says “Yes I do, but I don’t know how to.” So I say, “OK then, you can learn how to play guitar by listening to my guitar lessons on my website.”

It’s more important for students to take an active interest in learning how to play and to study how to practice their guitar. Learn How to Listen to My Guitar Courses on my website to start your first lesson today.

Free bass tab sheet music, House Of The Rising Sun ...
I was going to publish this post earlier but it wasn’t quite ready.

My new favorite thing about this year’s holiday season is the huge wave of “no homo” holiday books, with their gay pride parodies, queer romance, and lesbian vampires. Last year I was part of that wave, with all of my favorite gay romances. This year I’m on the outside, where books seem to be a more limited category.

I have a few good reasons for thinking I’ll just have to stay with books that I already have on hand as well as a few reasons for wanting to read more, especially in the genre I like.

In this post, I’m going to offer my recommendations for books that I think are a good mix of gay and lesbian romance—which, as you can see, isn’t exactly the same thing as queer.

First thing first: This list isn’t my choice, and most aren’t, but we’re all the same readers now, so why not take a look at it. That said, these are the books I see as having the best chance of getting a response in the “yes homo” category. (Although I understand why people would want to read books they’ve already read—there are no “no gay” options, after all.)

I’ll get a little more specific about why I’ve chosen them, starting with my top-rated romances and ending with my favorite non-gay romances. Before I get on with it, though

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