Is 17 too old to learn guitar? – Easiest Way To Learn Guitar Songs

If you’re a teenager who is 17 or older, you may be able to play guitar if you’re willing to spend a summer of study every year.

“At that age, most students choose to take a year out of school, and they do do a lot of work to get another year, and then they do their summer learning program,” says Rolf Jansson, a professor of piano at Luleå University, who is not involved with the study.

Many Swedish music experts still consider that this program would be better.

“The one study that we could remember was that of Robert Schumann, who was 17-years-old, who learned some parts for his orchestral concerto with the music director [Jürgen Gorny], and he played the entire piece,” says Jansson.

You’re not allowed to play guitar any more than 18

There’s a caveat, however. You’re not allowed to play guitar any more than 18. It’s basically a rule that goes back to the days when musicians were allowed to wear the horns of their instruments.
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Even if you’re willing to spend a summer learning, getting a higher degree is a long shot. And, at that age, most people decide they want to stay in their home country for another year or two. You just won’t be able to pick up a new instrument or be in contact with anyone in Sweden until you are 20.

So do you want to learn to play guitar? The experts say yes! But there are also some downsides:

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