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This lesson introduces you to the three most common chords of all, the E chord, the A chord and major 7th chords (Cmaj7, Cmaj9, G#maj7, F#maj7) to help you find your way to the C major scale. When you become familiar with these chords, you will be ready to begin playing the C major scale in your own songs and solos.

The C major pentatonic scale

As the name suggests, this scale is based on the Pentatonic mode. In the pentatonic mode, a dominant 7th chord is always played instead of an altered key. This allows you to play C major pentatonic scale in any keys you may play, so it is useful for creating harmonic progressions in any key.

The C major scale can be compared to the 7th chord in the Major key scale and the D major scale. This pentatonic scale is used often in jazz and can appear on almost every guitar player’s chord chart.

Why focus on the C major scale?

As I previously said, every guitar player will have their own approach to finding their way to the C major scale. There are many different ways that you can write out your major scale playing and you should always keep a few in your bag for quick reference if you need them.

The pentatonic scale is the most common way that most guitar players find out where to start playing to find their way around.

The two most common ways you find out where to play to find your way to the pentatonic scale are either by playing a tune or by using a guitar tuner to play along to a tune. If you’re not comfortable with those methods, a common solution for those that don’t have access to a guitar tuner is to play soloing exercises in the key of C over an A minor chord.

There are two common tuning methods that allow you to find your way to the C major scale. The first method is to use the C major scale when playing over a key that has a G7 chord with an A7 interval for that scale. For instance, when playing the A major pentatonic scale over a G7 chord, you’re usually playing the C major pentatonic scale over that chord.

The second way you find out where to play to find your way to the C major pentatonic scale over a key is to tune your guitar to the root

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