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A proofreader is an editor for the document. An editor is not an editor. Proofreaders work with the document at hand to correct any errors or spelling errors. They help you to write a proof of your story. You give them the text, and they get it in their stride. The result of a proofreading is a final text which will be read and approved by the editors. They are not an editor for the story. A proofreader’s focus is on the final text. Therefore, the writer is a proofreader’s focus. An editors is focused on the story’s text before it is submitted to the printer.


Once your story is edited and verified by an editor, you submit it to print with a guarantee for $1 per word. The cost of writing a proof can be prohibitive for many authors due to both the cost and the time it requires. Therefore, a proofreader can help you to save your money and time and increase your odds of success with print media advertising.

A copy editor is an editor for the copy. Copyediting and editing is the process of correcting spelling, punctuation and other grammatical flaws in a piece of copy. Copyediting is performed to make sure the copy’s accuracy. Copyeditors are not copywriters and are not employed with a printer. They work with a copywriter to correct any flaws or errors that might manifest during the copy edits. A proofreader’s focus is on the final text. Therefore, the writer is a copyeditor’s focus. A copyeditor needs to be highly accurate in their approach and will also be responsible for making sure it is formatted properly (a standard for the copy).

Proofing and Proofreading

As mentioned in the last section, proofreading, editing and editing are each completely different roles. There are different ways to perform each of these roles. A proofreader and a copy editor must be extremely accurate, have strong typing skills and be comfortable in using different types of typescript (a system designed specifically for use on paper). A proofreader does not need to be very skilled in writing. If using other types of prose (i.e. poetry), an editor may give a proofreader some guidance. A proofreader needs to be extremely careful with the text in each paragraph. A copy editor can help you to format your text for a variety of print media including magazines, newspapers, and books.

What is a proofreader’s area

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