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For many of us, it’s probably the best free tool to help us share our talents and passions. We use it to share content from our podcasts to our YouTube channel to our Twitch channel:

We use it to create amazing content for our viewers. And we use it to broadcast our shows live online. And we use it as a base for our fan-created channels so we can have regular content created for a large audience:

We use it to create more YouTube channels with amazing content, such as KpopTube. And we use it for fan-created YouTube channels.

We use it to create more KpopTube videos. And we use it as a base for our fan-created YouTube channels.

We use it to create, promote, produce, and share more music videos of us.

Some of the tools (like SoundCloud) only work for creators who have access to a service like that. But for us, that means getting our music and videos in front of more people.

A big, international community is created where you can be sure that you’re going to get noticed even if you do a simple song on YouTube. We’ve helped dozens of new artists get more exposure and get featured on a variety of top music sites: KpopTube, MusicKult, GlobalMusic, GlobalTV, SBSMusic, and KpopTube (we’ve even helped them release their songs on our podcast!) And a huge percentage of the artists who make it really happy using our KpopTube music, and many of the ones who use it to promote their music get so much exposure on top music sites that their music gets picked up multiple times (including on our own show and in other shows). So in a way, our KpopTube is the biggest community of Kpop fans around.

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What about your monetization strategy?

It’s really important to us to keep all of the revenue from our community and use that money to bring even more Kpop fans to our KpopTube and KpopTube TV Shows. We’re working really hard to get our shows out as widely as possible, including on Amazon Prime and on iTunes, and we’ve been using a number of other methods to spread our content on that. You can find more information on how we’re trying to grow our network, and support us, here:

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