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The first thing you need to know is that when you export a JPEG in Windows 10, it isn’t just one file. In fact, when you click on it in the Windows Store, there are two “swatches” of your JPEG.

These files are the actual files inside your JPEG file—you’ll get more than one, as we just learned—and the files you export to the cloud in your Windows 10 settings that are not part of the “swatches.” Each is its own JPEG file. You can download and run a full, original version of your own JPEG, which has nothing to do with the ones that you upload or publish to the Windows Store. (Although they should all be the exact same file type.)

Why don’t I get an option for a non-photographic version of my JPEG images?

The only way to get that is to have a professional editing application, like Photoshop or Lightroom, download the file and convert it to a non-photographic format. Then you can upload it to Windows—but only to Windows 10 Preview, so Microsoft doesn’t know they’ve changed the file format. In other words, the only way to get that is if you are getting a copy of the JPEG from somewhere on the Internet. So if you don’t have Photoshop or Lightroom installed on your machine, there is no way to “convert” it and upload it to the Store.
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What are the “swatches”?

In Windows 10, a JPEG uses four colors, which are:

Yellow (RGB, red=0, green=255, blue=0)

Green (RGB, red=255, green=255, blue=0)

Blue (RGB, red=0, green=255, blue=0)

Purple (RGB, red=0, green=255, blue=255)

In addition, there’s also an alpha-channel. If your JPEG is a true “JPEG” image, then you’ll have the blue and purple channels, and, if you’ve imported a JPEG file from the web, a black-and-white version.

Why don’t I see the “Exporting” option below the “JPEG” option?

If you’re downloading an image from the Windows Store or uploading a JPEG file from a web site via Upload to Windows 10, the “Exporting” option doesn’t appear. The only reason it doesn’t appear

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