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One of the main differences between line editing and copy editing is that line editing allows you to control where lines end and begin, whereas copy editing removes the last character in a line. If a line is only edited out for a particular reason, such as a new entry in a database with a specific name, then that’s what we call line editing.

What is a line editor and how does it work?

You may have heard that line editing “moves” characters from one place in a line to another. In other words, the line editor allows you to control where each character is on the line.

When you’re working with a text file, you probably have a special character and/or characters that you want to “cut” or “paste” into the file. That’s why you can use line editing to change the place where each of those characters are placed.

The syntax for a line editor is:

< Where the < is a regular expression that matches every character in the file. For example, you could change the word "hello" in the file to: hello< This would move each of the following characters from the beginning of the file to the end of the file:









In other words, it moves all of the characters from the beginning of the file to the end of the file.

It’s possible to use this in many other ways to modify other characters too, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be used with the special characters.

What is a copy editor?

You may have heard that a copy editing operation (an operation that replaces a section of a source document to place a different section of that same document) is different from a line editing operation.

A copy editor inserts a number of characters, one after the other, after the last character. For example, in the file


You can insert a special character and have it move over the whole line, or the replacement space can be moved over two lines. Then again, a copy editor inserts a number of characters (one after the other), one after the last character.

There are a few different ways to specify that a particular character is to be inserted into a particular place in a file;

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