Are there any free piano apps? – How To Learn Piano Chords Easily Lyrics

(Yes and yes)

No, there are no free piano apps for iOS, it does not exist. But there are dozens of free piano apps, from classical to folk to whatever, or music-related. I just don’t see the need for a free app to be available.

Where are all the free piano apps for iOS ? (No answer)

All of them are still free. But there is no one place to find them, they are all scattered all over the web, some are free while others are paid.

Why not install pianotron? (No answer)

When I first saw a pianotron app on Google Play, I thought “great, free.” But after the first few hours (and I was using it for some time) I stopped using it. I think it would cost some money to make that app available on the App Store. Plus, this is the App Store.

How long are the piano songs ? (No answer)

They have some random, random tunes that are more than 200 words and the main lesson was to learn what they were and how to play them. I am not sure how to answer this in a way that would be useful.

What is the cost to buy the free music app? (No answer)

There was no such thing as a free piano app for iOS until now :/

Is it free to use if you don’t really need to use it? (Yes)

Yes, it is free to use, the only thing is that you need to be registered. I think it is free in the sense that you can only register once.

How can I download music on piano ? I’m not really interested in it at the moment. (Yes)

I don’t know. I have been using piano for quite a while but I think I am just not the type where I would spend many hours on an app that I don’t really need to use. It is nice to work on free apps just for fun, but I am not really an avid web developer. So I have no idea.

I think the next step might be to create an app specifically for iOS. The new iPad has a large screen which can make the app difficult to use. But the good thing is not much is holding you back from it.

What should I do if I need something like in the free app store? (In reply)


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