Is there a free piano app? – Best Ipad App To Learn Jazz Piano

Well there are a plethora of free piano apps which are designed to suit whatever needs you have going on.

We have tried a few of them and think this site will help you a whole lot.
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PianoPro by MusicProps

While this is a very nice and free app, it does have a few issues…

You won’t get any real teaching guidance from it.

You can also not play any of the songs it teaches you.

It does not have a built in sound checker like some of the other apps have. You will have to use sound checker on your own, which can be quite annoying!

If you want to get serious about learning to play the piano then I think you will want to go with a dedicated teacher or tutor.

PianoPro gives you a basic lesson at the end of the app so you can start practising.

You will receive a lesson, along with a downloadable mp3 of the song you want to learn from.

You can also download a PDF of the song and practise it in real piano so you can hear the song.

This is a great app, and if you want to spend a lot of your time learning something, the piano app is great, so go for it!


You get to learn real piano.

This app features over 300 songs with lessons that will help you learn.

The lessons are very easy to do.

You can download lessons by clicking on the lessons tab (you can’t find it automatically!) or you can access them on your smartphone.

You can also listen at our Piano-Free online mp3 library, which contains over 300 different song lessons for the iPad.

You can also download a PDF of your own song and practise it in real piano in our Piano-Free online mp3 library.

It’s nice to have an app which helps you learn, but we think MajikPro is a bit pricey and requires some advanced skills.

Music Props Piano Tutor

We’ve been using this app for a while now and love it. You can teach yourself chords and scales, learn the piano basics, learn songs and even learn the theory behind different styles of music.

The lessons don’t have as much content as if you were going to attend a piano lessons course, but it covers everything you need to know.

If you choose to get

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