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Yes, I do! The answer is‚Ķmaybe. Yes, they are capable of learning piano just like a 2 year old. No, they are able to learn piano the way all of us are able to learn piano. Yes, they are good! They do what we all do. But not all 2 year olds will be good! Yes, they will improve. No, they will not improve. And you’re an idiot, a fool, a stupid, and a liar for thinking there is anything wrong with this. It’s just bad theory. We need to understand why. Is it possible that your child’s learning has improved? Why? Is it possible that your child is no longer in need of a piano teacher? Why is it possible that your children are not playing the same musical notes? (a question that needs to be answered, by all means!) Does the piano teach you? Is it your job to teach your child? Does it teach you to be a good pianist? If not, then why would anyone want one? Is it possible that your child is playing the piano and can sing? If so, then is it a “real” piano and not a toy? Is there a difference between a toy and a real piano? Are children playing a real piano and other children just pretending? Are children a “dumb” or a “lucky” group of people? Are children in the study of piano supposed to be “smart”? Are their parents “stupid”? Are people trying to convince us we’re an idiot? Have you ever stopped to consider what you’re saying? Can you ever justify a piano teacher’s role? Do you believe a piano teacher really needs a job? Why doesn’t every educator believe this? Do you believe there even is such a thing? Is it possible that one can learn to play a piano? A musical instrument? A musical instrument that allows one to sing? Music? Why do you doubt it?
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My Response: Let’s be 100% clear here: There is a big difference between a piano teacher and a “real” piano teacher. A piano teacher is a person who works in an educational context (often called “institution of higher learning,” e.g. college or university) and teaches people to play the piano (at a young ages) by using specific techniques and methods.

But the difference between a “real” piano and a “toy piano” is the ability to learn it. A piano that can have a singer or a real teacher who

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