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There isn’t a piano in the U.S. of A. But thanks to a new law that went into effect October 14 that allows Americans to take as much or as little piano as they need, most families have come across a piano that can teach them to play an instrument if they’re not satisfied with their current one and want to go for a piano lesson.

The law passed by the U.S. Congress this year allows children to take an audition and then pay in-state tuition, as long as each student takes lessons for five months at a time. But it doesn’t limit the number of students that can take the piano for in-state tuition as long as each student spends five months with the same teacher.

You’ll have to pay your own way if you want to study music and piano, of course, or if you want to learn a new instrument: a piano, bagpipes, saxophone, violin, or cello.

So if you can afford $14 or so a week in college tuition, by all means let’s get started.

Here are a few more tips:

— Consider getting a good public high school diploma or GED as a first step. If you need a GED in order to get college credit, the law says you must get at least a high school diploma while also being a senior in high school, or in a program that meets those requirements.

— Get a job and become a full-time student. There are many jobs that can help cover expenses.

— Try to live independently while you’re learning how to play piano. If, after working your way through a school library, you feel you’re not learning what you need to learn, contact a tutor.

— Avoid making financial decisions while you’re learning. Don’t take out student loans, buy a $150,000 diamond watch, or buy a house! Instead, wait until you have a job to get to that level. Don’t get caught up in the next “super high paying job that will pay my rent for 10 years”, as it did in the last recession. There’s a better way.


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