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It’s the app that helps you remember and play your favorite songs. Whether you’ve got a few months to learn a song or you’ve been practicing for years you’ve probably heard the title. What’s not to like about it, you are given a free song every week so you can see how good you are at playing it. However, I often find that the songs you are hearing about aren’t particularly well written or are just repetitive to the point where it could be written in a diary. So I set out to find the ‘best free piano lessons’ app. And there is only one, one app that did the trick.

Pitfall Piano

The only app in the top 50 that I consider ‘best free piano lessons’.

I’ve only been using it about a week and I’ve already fallen in love with Pitfall Piano. It has some of the strongest free lessons on the web. Most of it’s content is great to practice every day. There’s tons of charts and exercises to go around. It’s easy to customize to play on the go, with a simple interface and plenty of songs to choose.

All the songs are in good tunings so you can really focus on technique learning. There’s even a piano solo section to learn as well, something I hadn’t seen before.

What’s also unique about Pitfall is it’s no ads or subscriptions. They also have a free version available that has tons of exclusive content. So if you don’t have a subscription you can get what you need without the subscription fee.

What I don’t like with this app is the fact that only a small percentage of every song gets to feature on the lessons. There may be some of the best content in there, I just haven’t had a chance to try that out yet.

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Piano Tutor is an incredible app that has lessons for all piano styles. The lessons are designed to take the hassle out of learning, making them fun and easy for musicians of all levels.

The most incredible thing about Piano Tutor is that the lessons are all free, not sponsored by any music companies. What makes it even better is that you won’t even hear ads. I could literally spend hours playing the same piece of music and not see a single advertisement.

If you want a simple app to get your feet wet and learn how to play, I highly recommend Piano Tutor.
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