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What are the differences between iOS and Android music apps?

The iPad and iPods are vastly different in many ways. However, if you are in a studio (the iPhone or iPad would have to make a complete copy out of a studio recording) you can learn piano on the iPad.

Learning on iPad takes several steps: firstly, you must connect the iPad (or Mac) to a computer via USB with your microphone and a microphone cable (a wired-in/wireless cable is recommended). Secondly, you must connect the microphone to the computer via USB with a headphone jack and microphone. Thirdly, as soon as you can control the microphone properly (in a real studio).

Most people will not feel it necessary to plug their music into the computer or computer into their recording setup. Most people only use the iPad because they want to use it for studying on the go. Some may feel it is safer for children to learn on their own.

As for the differences between iOS and Android music apps, I found the iPhone to have superior sound quality but it uses Apple’s patented “AirPlay” audio software which cannot be used on the PC. Therefore I cannot see how a PC based system can be used for learning or playing music.

You know you want to learn what’s going on in a song if…
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(1) You have written every piano part down and can play all of them all of the time. You also enjoy singing the melody in both the piano and the lyrics.

(2) You can play the lyrics easily and without any problems (if you enjoy singing songs)

(3) You have a great understanding of how to play and record vocals

(4) You have had some experience in arranging songs with some success

(5) You have studied some of the music styles described below

(6) You can listen to the entire song

(7) The music will be on iTunes and will stay on iTunes

(8) Your music will be accessible and can be re-uploaded by anyone.

What’s new and exciting about learning piano on the iPad?

New iOS releases and major features are being released every week. For example, this is the latest update to Apple’s iPad app, you can read more about some of the features in my iPad tutorial.

If you want to know how my iPad tutor is a workhorse for learning piano for iPad, go to my How to start learning

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