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If you have difficulty with both hands, try with one hand and then switch to the other. Try it with both hands or, if your fingers are too short, use the piano with one hand only.

What’s the difference between a piano and a guitar?

There are many differences between a piano and a guitar, so please take some time to study this before purchasing a guitar. Please note that different brands, models, and styles of guitar vary; so please try to purchase a guitar that’s a good match for your needs.

Can I change the way the Yamaha Stradivarius sounds?

We sell many different tunings and pitch variations. This is a great way to get a great instrument that can sound different than the usual acoustic model.

What’s the difference between one-handed and two-handed playing?

It may seem like you’d be able to play piano and guitar with one hand or the other, but one handed piano playing is impossible because the left hand is used for playing the strings (the “picking hand”). There are ways around this if you know how. Both pianos and guitars can be played with both hands depending on what style is desired. Our Stradivarius model, for example, is called the “2nd Hand Soprano” model. This particular pianos has both pickups of its strings facing your playing hand. For most of our customers, the 1st Hand Soprano would be the better choice.

I can’t get a two-hand playing guitar. Can one-hand playing be used on guitars?

We don’t think so, actually. It is one of many things the engineers did to create more efficient electric guitars, but some of us feel this is a small price to pay for a much better sounding instrument. We can’t remember the last time we used a one-handed stringed instrument on a road trip.

What do I need in the beginning if I want to play on the Yamaha Stradivarius?

You’ll need a stringed instrument that plays the same key in both hands. Not all strings have the same frequency response so you’ll probably need to tweak the guitar by adjusting the pitch between the two hands and making a slight adjustment to the tuning of the guitar.

What’s Yamaha’s return policy?

Yamaha has a one year warranty on Stradivarius pianos.

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