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What does it take to become proficient in it? It’s not something that you should just say “I want to learn this new music,” because that’s not something you can put it off, you should start trying.

So you’re talking about developing your skills, is that right? I would say that is one of the things that has helped me the most. There are a lot of things that I did early on to get the music down, and also, if you don’t like it, there are things that you can do when you see it on a record, which is a great way to learn music. That way, instead of, “Hey, you shouldn’t listen to my band, because they’re bad” you can just turn it on and have it, but the more you practice the better you get at it. And there are a few techniques of course to learn, but those come later on.

Now, the things that you would think would help you develop a taste for the piano and learn to play the piano without it, especially when you’re in your twenties, like in the early to mid-twenties–it’s good to work on them because they really work. I mean if you do them very well then there will be no reason to try them after age thirty, or when you have kids, that you want to work on. For many of us it’s been a great benefit, because it is very hard to get a piano when you start out. If somebody comes to me with a piano and says “I just picked up this instrument for a couple hundred bucks, but I don’t need any lessons,” I say “Okay,” but after I’ve had some practice, I’ll ask them how many lessons they want and they just want to listen to “I’m a Man” and “We Will Rock You.” Or, “I’ve never heard that before but I’ve heard a lot of music, and I’ve heard that song that’s called ‘Rock and Roll.'” So those are things that when you want to hear it, you want to listen to it. They’re not necessarily things that are the best and the best part about piano lessons, or playing the piano is that you can have some difficulty learning to use the piano if you don’t know the music very well, but as time goes on, those things start to work out.

As you approach your thirties what are some things that you might want to start doing to begin to develop that sort of

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