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The piano is a very complex instrument – it’s not a piano like a string instrument, because you’re always manipulating it. Whereas, as a computer keyboard you just have to be ready to learn them. That’s why I’m so excited about teaching them.

The thing I’m really excited about, is seeing it in person, and I’m excited about the technology involved. It’s so simple — it can be made really simple – but it’s so powerful. It really takes a lot of the pressure off to learn. You’re not forced to just take the piano and learn it – you can take it home and practice and go right from there.

It’s like having a home practice space, but with it being connected everywhere, at the same time. A practice space doesn’t offer that much, and a laptop doesn’t offer that much, and it’s not the case, at Google, that they have a separate space where you can practice and work on projects.

The keyboard is connected to the project. You can choose to work on whatever you want, whether it’s an app, or a web site, or whatever.

How long have you been using Chromebooks and Android tablets? Have you thought about moving to other devices — like, maybe, a laptop?

Google introduced the Chromebook in 2010, that was the first laptop to really hit the market, so I bought a Chromebook just because… and then they were discontinued, which left me with the original Chromebook, because of the cost. But then… we actually launched a version of Chrome which had much better performance than the Chromebook, so we sold them out of the stock and got a whole raft of new ones.

We did it again, we actually had two Chromebooks, and if we look at those first versions, it’s been very successful, especially in the education space — people don’t always have time to go out and learn new things, so they get a lot out of them when they are working on something.

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I really think that the Chromebook is a really good way to try and get into educational work, because it’s a very intuitive experience. The device is really fast — like really fast, which is also nice, because if you’re trying to learn it, it’s really quick as well. We’re looking forward to seeing how that plays out in education over time.

Would you use a tablet over a Chromebook — because it just seemed like I was going to say it, but

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