Do you play piano chords with both hands? – How To Learn Piano From Windows Apps

I’m a keyboard player too. But my girlfriend used to play drums and I played the bass. So we would play together, then we would sit in my old room, and she would play for me, and then I would play for her. I used to practice everything together, it was a nice atmosphere. I would write songs, there would be times when we were sitting together and she’d bring me two drum rakers [that she would play the bass]. Then I’d bring her one bass drum and she’d play and I’d sing. I don’t know what was going on before the recording.

Does it mean that at the recording it felt like we were working together or just working different people?

Yeah. I was singing with the bass, and that’s what I needed, to see what everybody’s doing. It wasn’t so much that I would say, “I want this guy to do this and this, and this, because they can’t do it,” but that you couldn’t see the big picture and you could just see the person. The person who was singing was always there for me, and at the beginning, the rhythm section would just sit in the corner and you could never tell if somebody was up.

There were times when you could hear that they were singing in the corner?

Right. That was the best stage. If I can hear a part of it I know that it’s right, and when they did their part I would stop the song, and they would take the song back and I would sing again. That was really cool, because all of us were singing together so well together. Everyone would just have fun.

You could see them trying to put their hands to music, trying to get more out of it.

Yeah, but it also worked perfectly. Because everyone was singing, you could just look around and see that what we were doing was working, and it wasn’t all “Oh, that’s crazy music,” and you felt like you did it properly.

How did these songs go through your mind when you were singing them?

I had this little notebook and on every page when we would have to get into the studio, I’d write all the lines out. I didn’t just write it down, because I didn’t know what was what. And I would play it and start singing. I would feel the melodies. It was more an instinct of trying to put it together as exactly as I could,

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