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The one that requires little exercise to do well, can be learned any time, anywhere, and is easy to listen to. If you want to get a bit more competitive, the most popular instrument we’ve seen here is the guitar.

How did you first learn to play? This comes up all the time at the workshops. Everyone has some story, some sort of incident, that made them realize there may be something to this new hobby. We have heard this a lot. For some, it was one of those days when you are playing in the park or in your backyard on the family farm. For others, it was while on a family trip to the local museum.

How long have you played? Some of the more competitive players in the workshop learned the instrument in a little over a year. For some it was as far back as they could remember, like me.

What instruments do you normally play? I can think of a few instruments that aren’t instrumentals. The “D” instrument, for example, has some similarities to the electric bass.

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What do you love most about performing? There is something deeply satisfying about performing with a live audience. It’s hard to explain, but playing with people is a magical experience.

What do you hate the most: The most aggravating thing to me about being a professional musician is watching others play. Some people think they need to be so skilled to see how bad they actually are. They need to find ways to mess up or play poorly because they want a little “credit”. That can be incredibly frustrating. There are people who will tell you that you “should” just be able to play better then you do – that is, that you should be better! The problem with having someone tell you that is it reinforces the idea that you’re better! That is, if you can perform better, you must be better for it!

What is the least favorite instrument you have been able to play? (this was from an online forum, so I’m not certain what other people would add) The electric bass because I really like the sound, but because the strings get worn out and lose their tone quickly. The trumpet because it is so hard to play at high speeds. The harpsichord because it has not been replaced in many, many years and because all its strings are worn out and it is so easy to break. I have yet to see how anyone plays it well! The piano – this is my favorite though! You can

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