How many hours should you practice piano?

The most important thing I’ve learned when I started playing piano is how much sleep I get! I also recommend that parents put their child to sleep before they play piano, that way they won’t waste all of their precious time with the child.

When I started my piano lessons, I had to do it with no sleep! I was working seven days a week and I couldn’t enjoy things like eating, sleeping, or playing the piano. So much of my motivation was from not being able to play piano in such conditions!

The first thing I did after my first lessons was to do two hours of uninterrupted piano practice! My whole life changed. Now, whenever I go out, I can practise piano at night in case the night is cloudy or cloudy and I have to play with the lights off.

I never used to practice when there was a lot of traffic in my neighbourhood so in recent years I like to practice whenever there is hardly any traffic. I never have played without any distractions.

The most important thing I’ve learnt when playing is that you are never more tired than you need to be!

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What is an efficient practice schedule?

I recommend that you practise one day a week, but not playing the same day of course. It is better if you practice each day before and after work, otherwise you can end up playing for too long after your normal day.

I recommend to practice 3 months every other week. This way your practice routine is a bit longer. This is how I practice piano at this morning. I always do 2 hours and 3 minutes of piano practice and also 3 rounds of practice in the evening after the day of practice.

I always do the same things during the day and in the evening. My piano practice routine is a lot like eating, sleeping and working – so I always do them at the same time.

So if what I did was eating, sleeping and working, what do you do during the day?

I think you should just start practicing. As for me, my piano practice