Is it hard to learn piano?

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Yes, learning new pianos is quite complex, but you are never truly alone. In the beginning you meet many interesting people trying to learn piano and there are lots of resources. If you would like to take part in workshops or have access to special pianos then you can try to find out about the companies in your area. In the United States of America you can find a good community of piano players in the city of Baltimore. They are organized in groups of players and they do events all over Chicago. Their organization also provides free training for kids (you will learn to play by yourself) and lots of other stuff.

What is the best time to learn to play piano and what are the best pianos to get?

The best time to learn piano depends on the skills you want to develop. You would like to play very fast, the other good pianos will help you. The best time to learn to play piano is when there is no other instrument to help you. You can use some time to practice at home.

Should I learn a musical instrument like guitar or violin first?

Yes you should start from the beginning. If you are a beginner in violin or musical instruments then start from that. I believe the time when your mind is at its best is when you have a musical instrument in your hands. Piano would improve your hand movement and make sure that you can play the scales correctly. In contrast violin makes you feel that you are playing at it’s highest, when you start to play. The best beginner piano’s, when you are first playing, do not sound quite right. Then you feel you need to take some time to learn some scales and practise. You should try to use the practice time when there is little work to do on piano.

Some of the best beginner pianos are the Steinway pianos – if you play it well a little learning is not difficult, But they also look very heavy and are somewhat expensive. When I was a student I liked the Korg model A, but I don’t know if they are a good instrument.

Do you know a good way to learn the scales. I have never done it. Do you have any tips?

You may want to ask your pianist or teacher for some tips on scales or practice of scales. If you can play a chord from a scale that they are teaching then it is easier than learning the scales yourself. For example they teach you to build scales and you need to know a scale