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It certainly seems to have caught that bug.

In May of 2015, The Daily Mail published a story claiming Apple’s new iPhone would give users access to “a vast library of porn”. The article claimed that Apple would have an open-door policy for the company to sell porn to its customers. It was accompanied by a story calling Apple an “extremist brand” and that the company’s products promote “invisibility”. One particularly gruesome image showed a little girl with blood running out of her ear. It was taken in a bathroom.

For this story to be published the full name of a specific person needed to be given.

Today, the Daily Mail removed the article from its website. This does not mean that the story was accurate, just that it was incorrect. In order to protect the interests of other journalists who had worked on the report, the Daily Mail decided to remove it.

While The Daily Mail was quick to deny claims of widespread censorship, the fact remains that they didn’t want to publish it.

Here’s an overview of the articles that influenced this article:

The Daily Mail

Brief Analysis: Is Apple’s New Smartphone Being Sold at a Higher Price Than Many Americans Really Want? (April 11, 2015)

The National Archives & Records administration (NARA) announced today that it has processed over 1.4 million records as part of the Digital Records Act request for Apple’s e-book royalty data. For over a year, The Daily Mail has been investigating this claim. They found that in the two years from 2009 through 2011, Apple sold 5,300,000 physical books to iTunes stores only.

In other words, Apple’s e-book royalty rate is actually lower than the rate a large majority of Americans would demand.

The report was one of The Daily Mail’s stories that contributed to an April Fool’s Day story in the paper. The original article was published on April 10, 2015. Today, the article was removed from The Daily Mail.

NARA officials are now working on a response to Apple’s claim. In order to protect journalists’ identities, NARA is not sharing more information about their investigation beyond the fact that it has identified several publications associated with The Daily Mail as having participated in creating the stories they reported on.

Brief Analysis: Why Is Apple Being So Censored This Time Around? (April 18, 2015)

Apple may be censoring its service as much as

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